1. Congrats on making it through your first quarter! 7 classes sounds so hard, but you did it and will continue to do great at grad school for the next quarter. Your classes sound so interesting, especially the nutrition and metabolism II! Enjoy your break and time with family!

  2. I’d love to take that food and society class! Can I enroll? 😛
    I ate a humongous slice of Paula Deen apple pie that Ray’s sister made, topped with a huge spoon of ice cream. For breakfast. And I’m not sorry bout it.

  3. Just WOW. Can’t wait to hear more about your classes. I want to be your shadow and take all the classes!!
    Greatest indulgence… UMMM a lot of cookies… pretty much every day 😀 OH WELL. As Jess said “I’m not sorry bout it” :-p <3

  4. I’m totally singing Hello in my head now, so thanks for that! ;P I found you through Kaylin’s blog. :] Quarter system can definitely be rough, and I can definitely relate to the crap tons of class + work, but congrats on finishing your first quarter! The classes you took (and will be taking) sound so interesting! :]

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